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Making your own beats with beat making software is a pleasing experience that lets you enjoy music the cheaper way. Usually, the other option would be paying for expensive studio time, but thanks to both free and premium software applications, anyone can now create some cool instruments easily on their computer.

Admittedly, there are a variety of beat making software and it’s not easy to choose one that you can call the best. However, there are a few characteristics that make beat making software stand out.

Qualities of Good Beat Making Software

beat making softwareFirstly, you realize that it can be hard getting used to how a particular application works. So if a product is easy to use, that is already a standout feature. In order to make descent beats, you need to be able to comfortably use the software. Thus, ease of use is an important quality.

Secondly, you want to use software that has all the standard features, including sample songs and the major drum beats, among others. Having a variety of instruments is also considered a standard nowadays as it adds diversity to your beats. In addition, software with grouped tracks should be your first choice.

You also want software that is compatible with your system, whether Windows or Mac. Beat making software can take a huge toll on system resources (processor power and memory, among others), but good software will be optimized to make the most of the resources available although there are minimum requirements generally needed for the software to work on a given PC.

There’s also the music library that comes with the software. This entails a set of special effects to add spice to your beats, so you want to make sure that the beat making software has a rich set of library features to enable you make original beats.

Finally, once you’ve got used to the basic and standard features, you’re going to need VST plugins to add more instruments and special effects to your beats.

Here is the TOP beat making software available in the market at the moment.

#1 – Dubturbo

dubturboDubturbo is premium beat making software that costs only $50. But it offers more than just beat making capability. You can use it with hardware such as MIDI, keyboards, and beat drums to make a full DAW (digital audio workstation). Of course, you will not get to the level of some professional, highly priced DAWs out there, but you can sure do an affordable and descent imitation. For professional level DAW stuff, you need to dig deeper into your pockets.

That said, you can still get some amazing audio and impeccable beats with Dubturbo software. It is small enough to fit on any system and will not use up a lot of resources. It has a range of sound effects and also allows you to use your own effects to make superior beat sounds.

You can connect the software to authentic instruments and experiment with many creative sounds, but you can still use the software’s keyboard shortcuts if you don’t want to spend more money on instruments.

Moreover, once you purchase Dubturbo, you get lifetime support with access to an exclusive member’s only area where you share ideas and tips with other Dubturbo users. You also get timely software upgrades through the member’s only area.

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#2 – Sonic Producer

sonic producerIf you want to acquire real DJ skills in an affordable way, Sonic Producer beat making software will give you just that. It’s a simple yet feature-rich piece of software that’s extremely easy to learn. In fact, if you’re looking to learn how to make cool beats fast, Sonic Producer is one of the few programs that lets you create beats within minutes even if you know nothing about making beats.

Sonic Producer provides users with online tutorials that allows for quick self learning. What’s more, the tutorials are part of the package for your Sonic Producer purchase, a deal unlike any other. The whole package comes at a mere $29.95, making it one of the cheapest deals for beat making software. Once you make a purchase, you get instant access to a whole range of pre-made beats and samples, among other features.

Sonic Producer has a simple, intuitive user interface that doesn’t overwhelm beginners and yet it is sophisticated enough for advanced users.

If you’re just breaking out into becoming a DJ, you definitely need lots of sounds and Sonic Producer gives you just enough to get you off to the right start. It takes quite a bit of time to go through all the sounds as they are many but once you’re done, you’ll be at another level.

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#3 – Magix Music Maker MX

magix music maker mxMagix Music Maker MX is another descent piece of music software to add to your audio production suite. Magix Music Maker MX is not exactly a beginner’s kind of thing but nonetheless, it offers a great interface that is easy to navigate. It will take you quite some time to get used to the ins and outs if you’re a beginner, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying out this powerful software.

Magix Music Maker MX is one of the most feature rich beat making applications you can get out there. Firstly, there’s the usual sound and looping effects that should be familiar for those that have used other audio production software. However, you’ll still need to catch up with Magix Music Maker’s unique implementation of those effects.

There’s a drum machine that’s built-in, the BeatBox feature, and a set of various instrument loops. There’s an Infobox feature that acts as a ‘real-time’ tutorial for the sounds you’re creating, whereas the Sound Vision feature will output your sounds in a visual scheme.

Magix Music Maker MX allows you to publish directly online via YouTube, for instance. If you want finer editing on sound objects, you can do that within the Microscope Mode. There’s a whole range of sound effects you can use and you can even access with the premium version.

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#4 – ACID Music Studio 9

acid music studioACID Music Studio is one of the older beat making products that have been around for a while. Earlier versions were largely conservative as the makers opted for speed and ease of use to the idea of virtual hardware. However, although new features have been gradually added to different versions, the lack of attention to detail is evident and manipulation of certain tools feels outdated.

But generally, ACID Music Studio 9 still provides the majority of standard features to put together some descent tracks. You have 3000 loops to choose from and they’re automatically made to match your project’s key and tempo. You can chop and edit different samples and break them down into smaller pieces, and then re-tune them to your personal preferences. In addition, you can simply plug in a microphone to add vocals with your preferred setting.

This version also comes with support for 24-bit recording that was previously exclusive to the Acid Pro version. However, average users might not make the most of this feature as there is little information on how to use it in the online tutorials and neither do they mention why you would need to use 24-bit recording. Overall, Acid Pro Studio 9 gives high quality recordings and is relatively easy to use, although it doesn’t come so cheap.

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#5 – Image Line FL Studio 10 Signature Bundle

fl studioThis pricey set of production software is designed for enhanced productivity, with full DAW capabilities that lets you accomplish a whole range of things such as recording and editing audio, manipulate patterns into songs, work with MIDI in a step sequencer or piano roll, and more.

There’s a range of sound effects and instruments to try out on a clean and simple interface. You could almost mistake it for a beginner interface but that is not the case as it is just as suitable for professionals as it is for amateurs.

If you’re into electronic music, Image Line FL Studio 10 Signature Bundle is the software for you as it places great emphasis on samples and MIDI production. Although you can produce a couple of audios, it is not suited to band recording.

As it’s a DAW, it features the basic DAW components including a Playlist, piano roll, and a mixer. This version also features a number of tweaks and enhancements that make is much easier to manipulate the user interface compared to previous versions.

FL Studio is good for beginners and professionals alike. Of course, beginners will benefit greatly by trying out the demo first but advanced users can download the full version and start right away.

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